Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips: What to Expect in Bali Indonesia

Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips: What to Expect in Bali Indonesia

A useful and summarised Bali quick guide travel tips to help you understand Bali at your fingertips! With 3 important travel tips in this Bali Quick Guide to allow you to better gauge your expectations about Bali.

With better preparation for the Bali trip, it’ll be a fulfilling trip! These travelling tips are from what I have personally observed and experience during my Bali trip. I bet they are absolutely useful for you to know and consider before your Bali trip.

Things to know about Bali Indonesia

Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips

Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips 1: Bali traffic Jam is not a joke!

The well-known Bangkok jam is no stranger to us. Little did I have heard about Bali traffic Jam often. Bali traffic Jam was actually quite intense due to few highway roads in Bali. Our private driver mostly used small roads to travel around attractions in Bali.

Those small roads are usually 2 way street, allowing vehicles to travel in both directions. Travelling by small roads are definitely slowly than travelling by highways.

I hope that Bali will improve and built more highways to cut down travelling time. Ultimately, bring more convenience to the citizens and travellers. There are also many vehicles in Bali therefore drivers need to be skillful to do a safe and fast overtaking at those small roads.

During our taxi ride, there are nice taxi drivers who let the motorcyclist to go first and being nice to the motorcyclist also cause time.

Bali Travel pro tip: Travellers need to take into consideration of the Bali traffic jam in your trip planning to avoid any lateness such as catching a flight.

Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips

Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips 2: Slow paced life

Bali has always been a popular choice for beach vacation. For a beach vacation destination, we expect to enjoy a slower paced in life. The slow paced life struck me on the first day when we reached Bali. We were all excited to start our day with cafe shopping. We had ask our hotel attendant to arrange taxi for us and we waited quite a while for the taxi to arrive approximately > 10-15 mins.

We have also experienced long waiting time for lunch to serve in a reputable resort in Bali. It is unbearable to wait when a man’s so hungry. Travelling to Bali has also taught us learn to be patient and wait. HAHA!

Bali Travel pro tip: We can only learn to be patient, LOL!

Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips - bluebird taxi

# Bali Quick Guide Travel Tips 3: Always hop on a Blue Bird Taxi

To travel around Bali by public transport is very tedious. I don’t remember seeing any public bus therefore it is advisable to arrange your own private driver, rent a car or motorcycle in Bali or hop on a Blue bird Taxi.

Arranging a private hire driver at a affordable price to places in Bali is a good choice if you have several itineraries to cover in a day, charging approximately at USD$33/car for 10 hours. Travelling short distance in Bali, you can hop on a Blue bird taxi. Blue bird taxi is the most reliable transportation company in Indonesia.

BE CAUTIOUS! With so many taxis on the street, it can be difficult to recognise the authentic Blue bird taxi in Bali, especially when you are panic. Choose the authentic Blue bird taxi, with a Blue bird Group banner at the windscreen (Front car window) to enjoy taxi meter ride and avoid paying overcharged taxi ride.

Take a Peek of my Bali Vlog!

Real life experience encountered, by mistake I have hopped on to a non blue bird taxi before in Bali. We were kinda of shocked how overly charged the taxi was. Luckily, we managed to bargain with the taxi driver and settle for a price (Still unreasonable due to the short distance) together with the help of our hotel attendant. So, be careful!

Bali Travel pro tip: When we were at Batu Bolong beach in Canggu, bluebird taxi were nowhere to be found. We went to the nearest hotel & kindly ask the hotel attendant for assistant in transport service. They offered their personal hotel diver at an affordable price which is also another ideal method to prevent your money from getting rip off by other unknown taxi company.

It’s better to get yourself prepared by researching rather than the sudden culture shocked when you have reached Bali. (:

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