Travel smart with 3 Saving Tips for your next Bali Trip

Travel smart with 3 Saving Tips for your next Bali Trip

While planning for my Bali trip this July, I have challenged myself to travel smart.  Travel smart by spending wisely than a budget Bali Trip. Therefore, I have summarised a total of 3 Bali saving tips for you!

To spend wisely is to research smart and play hard yet still pay at the best price! 

3 Money saving tips for travelling to Bali


# Bali Saving Tips 1: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)  or USD?

As a newbie travelling to Bali, I was confused to pay in IDR or USD in Bali. IDR is widely used in Bali and there isn’t once I was asked to pay in USD. The saving tip is to change IDR currency for your trip.

While preparing for my Bali trip, I did enquire several private drivers and travel agents to book tour packages. I have encountered some of them quoting the price in IDR & USD.

Just let them know payment will be in IDR instead. Generally, transactions in IDR are more advantage for us.


Bali Saving Tips

#Bali Saving Tips 2: Research & Compare the price

The 2nd Bali saving tips applies widely to any of your travel trips. By researching and comparing prices, we can clinch the best price and make every of our rupiah worth.

I was planning a Lembongan Island day trip from Bali for water activities. A total of 6 pax, we need two-way hotel transfer, ferry ride and planned to do snorkelling and surfing activities at Lembongan Island.

Real experiences that I have encountered while researching and inquiring around 4 agents before making a decision.

From the 4 agents,the prices quoted varies differently for the similar package. There seems to be no fixed price.


Bali Saving Tips

After researching, I have realised that usually fast boat tickets to Lembongan Island are inclusive of two-way hotel transfer and in a cheaper rate too.

The total price of package A was IDR 950,000 per pax & package B was just only IDR 650,000 per pax. A total savings of IDR 300,000 per pax (Approx USD$22)!!

I almost paid so much more for the similar services!

The saving tip is advisable to do some homework because they might just take advantage of your lack of knowledge about the pricing.


Bali Saving Tips

#Bali Saving Tips 3: Baragin!

When there is no fixed price and price is not justifiable. There’s no harm bargaining or negotiating with the drivers or for a better price.

Another Bali saving tips is after researching and comparing I’m in a better position to bargain and a higher chance of closing a better price deal.


Bali Saving Tips


From the 4 types of packages above and asked from different agents. These are the prices they have quoted me.

With these information, I was able to compare and contrast and negotiate with the agent to lower down the price to my advantage.

I have kind of agreed with package C’s agent therefore I tried to discuss with him that other agents were able to provide me with this price, is he able to go lower for me.

Surprisingly, after his discussion with other agents for water activities he is able to decrease the price for us.


Bali Saving Tips

From his original quotation from package A, the total price is IDR 1,700,000 per pax to package B a total price of IDR 1,250,000 per pax. A total savings of IDR 450,000 per pax (Approx USD$34)!!

They might have quoted the prices randomly that is not within the market rate so to get the best price please be sure to do some research about your Bali Trip or any trip before deciding which packages to sign up.

Though researching and comparing can takes up loads of time and effort but it enable us to travel smart and spend wisely with the similar services that you are getting, then why not? (:

A peek of my Bali Indonesia Adventure!

For more travel stories about my Bali trip, please continue to watch this space. 

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