Flying with Thai airways: From SIN to BKK

Flying with Thai airways: From SIN to BKK

This is my virgin flight with Thai airways. It was good!



My Travel companion~ A trip with my relatives ^^



Excited for the flight, yeah I’m flying on the sky again!

My uncle looks extremely excited for the trip!! 5555

Sawadee ka our big fat plane~


A morning flight after some rain


It is always a MUST to take photos of the clouds. I wonder why the clouds almost look different  every minute. Such a pleasant to my eyes

Oh ya! The best thing of Thai airways is that you can start enjoying the movie services the minute after the air steward gave you the earpiece & even before the flight starts to take off. How cool right?! It is super useful for those who have air sickness, it really helps you to divert your attention

My breakfast on flight

No menu given for flight to Bangkok but choice given by air stewards. It tasted not bad only the potato wedges are a little damp.

Welcome to the land of smile~

Let’s start shopping!!
The only thing is the leg room is a little too small & it is a row of 3 seats so I have a little difficulty to get out if I want to go to the washroom since I am sitting on the window seat.  But overall, It was a good experience with Thai airways. Kob khun ka!