Pingtung: H Resort Kenting 墾丁H會館 Extraordinary Infinity pool

Pingtung: H Resort Kenting 墾丁H會館 Extraordinary Infinity pool

A night at H Resort Kenting 墾丁H 會館 was one of the highlights during my trip to Kenting. I’ve been looking forward staying at this resort because of the infinity pool by the sea. Another recommendation by 食尚玩家 ! I was totally amazed by the scenery as if the sky and the ocean meet as one.

Pingtung is the southern city of Taiwan and Kenting is just a small part in pingtung city. We stayed near Kenting night market street for 2 nights and followed by 1 night at Pingtung. We took their local bus to H Resort Kenting 墾丁H 會館 from Kenting street, it’s so convenient.

H resort 墾丁H 會館

H Resort Kenting 墾丁H 會館

This view was taken from our balcony, overseeing the UFO lounge and the sea. A prefect getaway at Pingtung for a beach vacation!




H Resort Kenting H 會館 – UFO Lounge 

H Resort is well known for their UFO Lounge that was a 360 view. From the UFO lounge, you can see the surrounding of H Resort. As UFO lounge is built high, it makes you feel as if you are very close to the sea and sky. Drunk with this amazing view~

At U.F.O Lounge-H RESORT 墾丁H 會館 , they provide afternoon tea for those who like to dine here while embracing this breathtaking view of the sea and express highway. Otherwise, they also allow guest to take photo here even if you don’t dine there.

H Resort Kenting is built with many see through windows to allow their guest to appreciate different view at different angles. I would love to stay with H Resort Kenting again with my loved ones.

As H Resort Kenting is situated at the middle of the highway, there is no shops near the resort. You can either dine in resort or bring your own cup noodle.

Their Japanese teppanyaki is popular, the seats were fully booked so we have to give it a miss.

Every corner of H Resort Kenting is so insta worthy!

H Resort Kenting H 會館 – Standard room 標準客房

The concept of the room is simple, clean yet stylish. The room is very wide for 3 of us, we had a comfortable night staying at H Resort Kenting!

The touch point about H RESORT, a card dedicated for their guest

The view from our H 會館 room’s balcony. Definitely a nice spot to gaze at the sea, listen to the soothing waves and immersed with this awe inspiring view.

H Resort Kenting H 會館 – Infinity Pool 無邊泳池

The not so ordinary infinite pool was extraordinary because the infinite pool was right beside the sea. It’s perfectly crafted horizontally at the sea-level, making it look close to the sea. There is a ledge with suntan bench with built-in Jacuzzi!

Stunning enough for a good shot, a relaxing swim with amazing sea view or a drink at the poolside bar.

Despite there are no nearby attractions at 墾丁H會館, however there are plenty of facilities in the resort to keep you occupied. Taiwan is popular with 親子旅遊. It means travelling together your children to create more bonding time between kinship.

H resort Kenting 墾丁H會館 is a very child friendly resort with plenty of facilities for the kids to play such as artificial sand playground, playground and arcade to entertain the kids.

H resort Kenting H 會館

H resort Kenting H 會館

H Resort Kenting H 會館 –兒童遊戲室

We have arranged to spend a whole afternoon at the resort. We have fully utilised H 會館 facilities by going for a swim twice in a day. A swim in the day and during the night, it has a different kind of feeling.

H resort Kenting H 會館 directory

H resort Kenting H 會館

H resort Kenting H 會館

H resort Kenting H 會館

H Resort Kenting H 會館 – Restaurant H餐廳

Breakfast at the window seat with this awesome view is a everyday’s dream. They served Chinese and western buffet, there are also wide varieties of selection to fill your hungry tummy. The taste of their breakfast buffet is tasty, what’s more to complain when you can dine with this sea view?

H resort Kenting H 會館 free shuttle bus

Arrange for the free shuttle bus service at the lobby to Zuoying station.  With the free shuttle bus, it save us on the trouble about the transport to Zuoying station to take the HSR from Kaohsiung back to Taipei.

H resort Kenting H 會館

It was really a pity that we can only stay at H resort Kenting H 會館 for a night. It was absolutely a pleasant getaway to have some relaxing time. Away from the cities and shopping at Taipei.

Unfortunately, the photos I have taken was gone because of my handphone had spoilt. I wish to re-create my memories at the H resort Kenting H 會館 again, Sea you soon~


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