Taipei Day 4: Danshui (Tamshui), Xin Beitou & Shilin Night Market

Finally!!I’m blogging the last day of my Taiwan Trip. Pardon me for dragging it till so long. Haha!

Danshui (Tamshui)

Danshui Station

The view that you will see when you reached the station, beautiful right? You can see it’s quite cold too right? With the little fog.


Look for this signboard

@ the exit of the station, you will see this signboard. You have to walk towards the bus station & hop on the Special bus to TianYuan Temple to watch the gorgeous Sakura in Taiwan~

Check out this sign too

You’ll be able to find this sign on the Special bus queue.



1st Sakura Tree infront of the temple greeting us. During the bus journey, Sakura trees are seen along the street too, quite small trees.


The temple with loads of beautiful Sakura tree, all at the back!

Walk Ahead for MORE…

From an iPhone Taiwan Tour app, it tells me the best period to watch Sakura during March or April in Taiwan. ((:


I love how these Sakura looked. A bit whitish & pinkish.


Look @ the whole stretch behind me *.*


Sakura give me a romantic feel, lol!

Cutie doggie with it’s owner enjoying Sakura too. The temple is really crowded with so many people!! Everyone is snapping away with their Cameras, trying to take the best shot. Me too are one of them. HAHA~

Back to station

After enjoying viewing the flowers, we took the special bus again back to the station & go to our next destination, Danshui Old Street~

Outside of the Station
Pudding Milk Tea

50 Lan in Taiwan & it’s KOI in Singapore. I don’t quite remember the taste already but taste almost the same to me? But my mum said, it is nicer in Taiwan. It’s definitely so much cheaper in Taiwan, how great!

Mister Donut

Little white bear, you so cute~~*

You can buy both 50 Lan & Mister Donut @ the station.
OTW to Danshui Old street, we happen to see this… (Rare seen)
Usually can be seen during the God Birthday.





Walked all the way up to Old street
Danshui Old Street

We are rushing for time. When we reached the old street, we immediately find our way to take a ferry ride to the Fisherman Wharf.

To get to the ticket counter, after you see this shop turn in & walk all the way up. You will see the sea & also the ticket counter.


This is the ticket counter, you can buy a ticket to Fisherman Wharf or Bali District.



Danshui Sea

Fisherman Wharf 

The Habour


Fisherman Wharf


The Endless Sea~


Pretty Hotel @ Fisherman Wharf

There isn’t much things at Fisherman Wharf. It is only like buying a ticket to see the bridge only, OTL! Maybe a ticket to Bali district will be more fun?! You can cycle there & also water theme park over at there~~ Next time ah!

Old Street 




Ah Gei


It is a MUST to eat Ah Gei in Danshui. I think it’s tofu with glass noodle inside. Quite nice but I prefer their fishball better, yummy~~

To Danshui
Mrt Station: Danshui
Popular Food: 阿給, 鐵蛋 (Iron egg), Keko
Fish Ball Soup & Bao-tze (pork-filled bun)



The pretty train


Inside the train


Artist drawing
Our tour package came with complimentary tickets for Hot Spring over @ this hotel!

This is just an average hotspring with only 1 pool. We expected it to be better =( We went in to dip a while only. However, the service was great. My family did not bring along towels cause we assume they will give us towels. The staff actually lend us spare towels. So nice right?

Mini River, so cute!

Hello, you little thing. Inside the 7-eleven~
To Xinbeitou
Mrt Station: Xinbeitou(Red)
Get There: Walking distance, ahead of the station

Our icash did not have enough NT already so we only buy this token enough for us to alight at Jintan Mrt for Shilin Night Market.



To go to Shilin Market, remember to alight @ Jiantan, this is the only correct stop.

Shilin Night Market


Super Long Queue, Super big chicken


TA DA!!!



MUST EAT! Super de nice~~

I miss eating this soooooo much!!

A dinner date with Mr Doggy

Beside my table, Mr Doggy lying down there quietly waiting for his owner to finish their food. Aw!


Another NEW bubble Tea shop opened by KOI. It is with more coffee series, the rest of the drinks are the same. Last Milk Tea drank in Taiwan~

P/S: I forget to take many photos @ Shilin Night Market. I think I was busy shopping, that y. Hehe =b

To Shilin Night Market
MRT Station: Jiantan
MRT station (Red)
Alight at Jiantan Station then turn left to Wenlin