Taipei Hotel: Zimei Hotel

For my 4 night in Taipei, we stayed at Zimei Hotel. A 3 star hotel but the services & accommodation provided was good! The room was quite big & better than I expected. So, if you want a good & cheap hotel you can choose this.
Zhongshan station is the nearest station & walkable distance. There is also a night market nearby the hotel, Ningxia Night Market. The market is all about food, food, food!


Desk Area




The very nice housekeeper who introduce popular itineraries to me, tell us patiently the ways to reach there & etc. She even answer all my question!! Her service is too good!

Impression about Taiwan People: After my trip to Taiwan, I really think that Taiwan people are really friendly & courteous. If you happen to lose your direction, you can just ask anyone on the street & they will guide you nicely. Even you can pick up a topic with the people queuing infront of you when you are queuing for the bus. Chatting like you have been friends.
I will definitely travel to Taiwan again!!! There are so much beautiful & nice places to see, many delicious food to eat & maybe things to buy! (Cause I didn’t buy much in this trip)