Travel Insurance, Investment or Expense?

Travel Insurance, Investment or Expense?

Purchasing a travel insurance is often neglected by many travellers as they categorise buying a travel insurance as an unimportant expenses for the trip. So travel insurance, buy or not?

Travel insurance comes in handy when unforeseen circumstances happens. Frequent travellers can purchase the annual travel plan because it’s more affordable and convenient. Otherwise, opt for the single trip plan!

This is not a sponsored article. Upon realising the importance of purchasing a travel insurance, I’m sharing some useful information.

Importance of Travel insurance plan

Travel Insurance plan highlights includes:

#1 Holiday insurance coverage: Theft or Damage of baggage

Damage of baggage highly occur when baggage is being transported from one place to another. Articles have been showing airport ground staff throwing baggage. It might be the reason for damage baggage.

Several times, my luggage was damaged right after I have collected my baggage. Once my luggage zipper was broke and the other time was my luggage’s wheel was spoilt.

Sure, I’m astonished and was worry that my luggage will be spoilt during the trip.  Fortunately, my luggage was strong to withstand till I’m back to Singapore for luggage repair. Purchase a new luggage is expensive. A better option is to repair the spoilt luggage.

During that trip, I had purchased Hong Leong Assurance travel insurance. I have repaired my luggage and file a damage of personal baggage claim with them.

Details needed for damage baggage claim: Description of the incident and basic information of the luggage such as price need to be given for verification and compensation purpose.

I had receive sufficient amount of compensation from Hong Leong Assurance travel insurance and the claiming procedure was hassle-free too.

#2 Holiday insurance coverage: Medical Expense

Despite praying for a smooth travel trip, accident still happen. Unfortunately during my bali trip, I have injured my leg. Luckily, before my trip I had remember to purchase my Single trip travel insurance. For my bali trip, I have purchased holiday insurance plan from FWD Singapore.

Due to my leg condition, I had to consult the doctor several times from general practitioner to polyclinic and A&E. Initially it was a normal cut on my leg. However, it became worse and escalate to a swollen leg with rashes around the wound.  As the wound is unglam, I will skip the photo of my wound.

During my recovery period, I’m able to consult the doctor as many times as my condition needed. The advantages of purchasing a travel insurance is being worry-free from the medical fee. I had purchase FWD Business plan  and their medical expense is claimable up to 30 days!

Details needed for medical claim: Provide a description and basic information of the incident. Attached the original medical invoices for successful medical claims. Duplicated medical invoices are not subjected to approval.

I’ve purchased the FWD Business plan approximately SGD$30+ and receiving my medical claims I’ve offset the amount I purchase my travel insurance plan. My travel insurance plan is FREE!

Attached is the proof of one of my medical claims that FWD Singapore has approved.

Medical expense coverage for Travel insurance claim

FWD Singapore has sent my medical fee compensation via a cheque.

#3 Holiday insurance coverage: Flight Delay, trip cancellation or trip postpone 

Flight Delay, trip cancellation or trip postpone coverage

According to different travel insurance companies guideline, flight delay for a certain of hours is claimable up to a certain amount. Please check the travel policy for further details or dial the hotline for clarification.

*Same Applicable for trip cancellation and postpone

#4 Holiday Insurance coverage: Thrill seeker for Extreme activities

Travelling to countries such as Bali, it is a must to play water sports! Striking off bungee jump and skydiving from bucket-list in Australia. Try Skiing in South Korea or Japan and roll in the snow! Now, FWD Singapore is covering these extreme activities that I have mentioned. Their claiming procedure is easy and efficient too~

Utilise Go bear website to compare against various travel insurance plans to get the highest coverage plan!

Thrill seeker: Extreme activities coverage

#5 Holiday insurance coverage: Emergency

Emergency assistance is a hassle procedure especially in a foreign country. Several procedures & expense is required during the evacuation. Purchasing a travel insurance has 24-Hr worldwide travel assistance hotline.

I have shared some of the important Travel Insurance plan highlights. After my personal experience from damaged luggage and leg injury incident happen in Bali. I strongly believe purchasing a travel insurance is the best investment during unforeseen circumstances.

Travel insurance, Buy or not? YES, BUY!

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