Bali Travel Guide: Pretty Azure water at Lembongan Island!

Bali Travel Guide: Pretty Azure water at Lembongan Island!

If you are up for a game and want to spice up your Bali trip, you can arrange for a day trip to Lembongan Island. Lembongan Island has a relaxing island vibe for a staycation for 1 or 2 nights to better explore Lembongan Island. The ultra clear bluish water’s calling you. What makes it better?

It’s just 30 mins away to paradise from Bali!

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

How to go to Lembongan Island?

Take a speedboat, Scoot Cruise from Sanur to Lembongan. Scoot cruise has the most reasonable price and it’s also inclusive of 2 way hotel transfer at an affordable price to Lembongan. Travelling in Bali, it’s better to do proper research about the prices before booking anything, it’s way better than being sorry.


Things to Note

There is no habour at Lembongan Island so be prepared to wade into the water with your barefeet.

Wading through the cold water can be diffcult as you dont want your clothes to get wet and there were shells as you step on the sand. It is painful & you are afraid that you might the shells might cut your legs. So be careful!

As we went to Lembongan Island for a day trip, our snrokelling and surfing shop is located at the shore.


Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

What to do in Lembongan?

As we plan to go Lembongan for a day trip so we took the earliest speedboat at 9.30am from Sanur to Lembongan for water sports. We were super excited for the water sports as I can’t wait to swim in their crystal clear water!

We had pre-booked our snrokelling and surfing activites before we came Bali. It’s highly recommend for you to do a good research on the various water sports website to get an affordable price!

We asked our tour guide to liase with our snrokelling and surfing vendor as we wanted to try out both sports in the same day. After researching, there are not many vendor catering such customised services.

I would recommend you to stay a few nights at lembongan Island so you can do surfing at much more beautiful beach such as Dream beach & Mushroom bay beach. Lembongan island is worth more than a day trip!


Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

Snrokelling activities in Lembongan Island

Our snrokelling vendor was situated just right in front when we alight from the speedboat. Basically, it’s a shop near the shore that provides both snrokelling and surfing activities.

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

We got changed to our snrokelling gears, took a snrokelling mask and hop on to a van to drive us to our snrokelling destination.

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

Upon reaching the shore of our snrokelling destination, we took another speedboat to the “middle” of the sea. It was suppose to be in the middle of the sea. Apparently the personel didn’t check properly the depth of our snrokelling area. They have dropped us at an area that is shallow and so close to the coral. With the never ending waves, it’s quite diffcult to swim and an accidental kick cause my leg to hit the coral reefs. I could feel a inmediate pain after hitting the coral reefs. Ouch!

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

Therefore, it’s very important to check for the depth properly and immediate alert the personel if the depth is too shallow.

During that few minutes in the water, the sea is indeed very clear, there were some fishes but nothing amazing.

We decided to head back to the shore due to my incident and the personel inisited that we are the one who swam to the shallow end when they are the one who put us on the wrong spot. Bad experience much!

They offered simple first aid for my wound and we had lunch and continued surfing.

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

Surfing in Lembongan Island

We were given some basic surfing knoweldge and training before we try the real surfing.

Beginners for learning surfing often use longboard. They are indeed heavy and getting the right posture were never easy.

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

After the training, we took the speedboat out to the middle of the sea to try surfing. It was quite a scary experience to try surfing in the middle of the sea as a first timer. I would not recommend to surf in the middle of the sea where the boats will pass by. It just feel kind of dangerous. Please clarfiy with the area you will be surfing before booking.


Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

Getting onto the surfing board is one of the toughest thing.

Balance is the key.

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

We have to swim out to the surfing area where the waves are big enough for us to try standing up.

Trying to swim to the surfing area is really tiring as you have to paddle through the waves and you have to control your direction too.

Bali travel guide: Lembongan Island

I couldn’t remember how long we have been out surfing.

Surfing is definitely one of the sports that drain your energy, yet satisifed!

Can’t wait to try and master surfing again next time~

Overall, It’s a good experience but I’m sure there are definitely better choices of the water sports provider.

Lembongan Island, the deck cafe & bar

Lembongan Island, the deck cafe & bar

The Deck Lembongan

The Deck cafe & bar is a cafe near the shore within walkable distance. A cafe with a good spot where you can enjoy your cup of coffee with the stunning overview of lembongan island and the clear blue water.



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